Episode 9: I join Luke in his Coogee mansion to discuss how 2 minute tasks can ruin you if you don't do them (unless you have kids haha) . Luke tells me about his tradie days and his new show tip rat.

Episode 8: Tom from The Roundabout Crew joins me at a pub where we talk about comedy online content, a trick to save money and some crazy lady asking for money as a special uninvited guest.

Episode 7: Good mate from school we chat about going from playing 2nd's in high school, then playing in an AFL grand final. I talk about how I think it's important to learn everything, hone in on your best skill.

Episode 6: Great blokes Goodall & Gallagher sit with me while I talk about showering... in cold water... Cutting the middleman and deep work.

Episode 5: Just me, myself and I. I do like the idea of this accountability challenge. Have that big goal but keep putting it off? This could help.

Episode 4: The Legend himself, Frenchy sits down with me in Luke Goodall's apartment. I ask him about how he said, fuck teaching and pursued a career in comedy. He tells me his best quote that drives him. I talk about how burning your best material is good to do. 

Episode 3: Seriously good bloke and comedian Dilruk Jayasinha. Once an accountant he made a leap to comedy and never looked back. Be nice to everyone! Motivational words from Ashton Kutcher....... We also talk about buying shit that makes you money. I love the website Fiverr and we created a company just to get a logo made for $5 USD. 

Episode 2: I chat with the all round good bloke Luke Goodall, one half of the sketch comedy group Goodall & Gallagher. We talk about the dodgy Australian banks, phone companies and how you should complain all the time to save $$. Plus the worst/best insults we've copped on YouTube. Don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter!

Episode 1: I speak to good mate Nick Cody about the best advice he's ever been given, the importance of delegating, Conor McGregor (obviously), living with each other and what it was like being on Conan O'Brian. Don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter!



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