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I’ve recently broken the shackles of my standard professional communication habits. I was writing your standard, ‘Hi, I hope you are well,’ (couldn’t give a shit) ‘Please find attached an updated version with all the changes we discussed…’ Blah blah blah. It makes me think, who actually talks like this?

If you have personality, want to be remembered, be unique or just don't want to live through this conformity we’ve been pre-trained to do since school. Free up your mind to write whatevz you like, howevz you like. Communicate the information you need, just in a creative way! There are more and more scientific studies out there showing the power of creative writing and how healthy it is for the brain to liberate yourself to write freely. In saying that there was also a scientific study funded that concluded 'Being homeless is bad for your health.' Fucking glad that's now set in stone.

For a lot of white-collar workers writing emails is the main form of any daily communication. It’s mundane, necessary, time consuming and oh so boring. We’ve been kicking around emails for a long time and people keep getting more and more of them every day, they are truly horrible things... So, why not have some fun with them? As long as you’re not sexist or racist and your humour stays along an edgy PG, you’re pretty safe to stand out from the pack.

Employers need to hire employees... Obviously, but let me set up my point. Let's break this down for a moment into a weird "not work-type" theory. One person needs to ask a stranger to be with them for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for a certain amount of cash (salary). You spend 40 hours with these people, eat shitty $15.00 lunch specials together and maybe even have 20 alcoholic beverages with each other at a function. You see these people more throughout the weekday then you do your better half or your kids... sounds weirder like that doesn’t it?

When it’s broken down like that, work aside, you want to be around someone that makes that week a little more enjoyable. Of course, that can be done by doing a good job, but someone who has some personality and can communicate well is someone that will bring enjoyment to your work life and make the day go a little quicker.

By-the-book emails need to die. Don't feel the need to say ‘I hope you are well,’ because we know both of us don’t give a shit. Try not communicate like your writing your first ever email to your school principle but instead like you're communicating to a mate you want to make laugh or excite.

Be you and exercise your right to be creative in all forms of communication. You’ll have fun and people will enjoy it. Unless you are sexist or racist, then just stick to mundane communication and read a book.

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Anyways, I hope you are well.




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