• Max Price


I believe there are only three types of people in the world, say’ers, doers and disgusting humans who take their socks off on planes. It’s a depressing topic this one, because I feel like most people at some point have been a say’er or are right now stuck in the say’er category… And that’s not the end of the world. I more want to write about this one because I’ve been there and so have a lot of mates.

Have you caught up with a mate recently that’s spewed the same shit at you he or she’s done th

e last 3 times you’ve caught up, “I’m going to quit”, “I’m going to do a podcast”, “I’m going to masturbate less”. Only knowing that the next time you see them they’re going to be in the same job, with no podcast and wanking about the same frequency as they always have. It’s going to be difficult to steer those examples away from myself but I’ll try my hardest.​

I feel say’ers and do’ers are separated by one major factor clouded by many smaller factors. The smaller ones are things like time, laziness, commitment, they’re all standard. But that major factor is FEAR! #JoeRogan

Fear cripples us, and it’s funny because it’s not real, it’s a state of mind. Sick quote from Will Smith (what a man BTW) “Fear is not real. It is a product of thoughts you create. Do not misunderstand me. Danger is very real. But fear is a choice.”

To not do something you really want to do is the safest thing you can do. I’m sure you’re not allowed to say ‘do’ that many times in one sentence. It’s comfortable and easy not to do stuff. You know what is comfortable and easy to do, SAY you’re doing stuff. You buy time with friends, family and even yourself. It’s a weak way to trick yourself and others into believing that you are committing to your dreams and goals while you hold off on living your dreams and achieving your goals. On a side note, I need an editor for these articles... That was a confusing paragraph.

So what, does this mean? I think people say things they really want to do but fear makes them not commit to what they preach. I think is absolutely critical is to set those big audacious goals (you know the ones we tell everyone about). You can talk about it at parties and when you catch up with friends and family. But then break that goal down into smaller tasks, people don’t want to start on the big goals because they seem so fucking far away, if you wanted to start that side business selling smaller size condoms because they fall off too easily, maybe break it down like this to begin with;

Day 1 - Start researching a supplier.

Day 2 – Contact a supplier.

Day 3 – Get samples sent.

Day 6 – See if they fit.

Day 8 – Buy a website.

I’m only up to day 8 but I’ll keep you updated on my exciting side venture.

You get what I mean, you become a do’er by doing the little things to get you to that big thing you’ve been talking shit about for so long.

It’s fear that didn’t start that business idea, invent that invention, let you apply for that job, didn’t ask the masseuse to be more gentle while they almost ripped your arm off and made you a say’er not a do’er.

Kick fear in the dick. (Feel free to get that saying tattoo’ed on you.) This article had no real direction.




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