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This is stemming from my previous article about being dumb. I think the point of these articles I’m writing is to remain as dumb and lazy as possible yet somehow do a lot of productive shit.

I’ve spent my late teens and most of my twenties trying to learn everything I possibly can. I’ve learned how to film, edit, write, direct, sound mix, special effects, tie a tie, fart silently at work and even how not to cry during the notebook. I believe our whole existence is about learning, then you die. Bleak.

Being young and ambitious was the key I thought, the more you knew the better you’ll be… But I’m starting to find this isn’t the case. While I was studying Screenwriting at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles I had a great teacher Greg Johnson. He knew his shit and shared his wisdom with us deadbeats. A student asked “Is it worth knowing how to do everything?” I try to pride myself as an ‘all-rounder’ when it comes to videos so I was interested, he said “It’s worth knowing as much as you can, but you’ll only ever be good at everything, you’ll never be the best at something.”

Boom! He told a story about how Michael Jordan was amazing at baseball and basketball, he wanted to do both until someone gave him that same advice… So he became the best basketball player ever. Greg told me that story, it might be bullshit I just can’t be bothered researching it, it just sounds good and kind of true.

So where am I going with this? I think it’s worth in your teens and twenties to test things out, avenues, career paths, alcoholic beverages, types of pillows, etc. But once you find that real thing you love to do/sleep on, start dropping off the other things and get other fuckers to do it/throw out the hard shit pillows.

This can work for 2 good reasons;

  1. Make more money. A great podcaster Kevin Kruse gave an example, if I could pay a kid down the road to mow my lawn while I worked on another project and make that money back plus more. Of course I'm going to delegate that job.

  2. Gives you more time to hone that skill to become the best. You don't want to become the best at cleaning your pathetic one bedroom apartment or the best at cooking lasagna (in saying that, I do have respect for good lasagna). So get someone else to clean your house or deliver you food...

NOTE: Only do this stuff IF you can be working on things that can make you more money. No point if you're delegating domestic cleaning if you're laying on the couch hiding your erection during an episode of Orange is The New Black.

Okay, check this out... Haha. I haven't got as much time as I'd like to write more of these things but I've got topics I want to write... I thought as an experiment I'd delegate an article about how I think everyone should deactivate Facebook. So I did it... To a guy in Canada who writes 'edgy and comedic' content under the username 'looseink' haha! HERE IT IS BELOW!

So without further adieu... 

Getting Anti-Social About Social Media - By | looseink

It was in the elevator somewhere between the fifth and tenth floor. I did a head count and noted five others riding with me. No one made eye contact.

Well, at least not with me. Everyone was latched on to the tiny screen of their smartphones and texting status updates. I’m sure one said, “Riding elevator with an old fart who’s not online.”

Forgive me for saving my Facebook friends from having to scroll through yet another #elevatorselfie trapped on my timeline forever. It’s the least I can do because later I’ll likely flood it with #foodselfies and #foodie memes to make up for the eight hours I chose to be offline due to something I like to call #work.

Besides, most of my 1,256 Facebook friends are not what I would call friends. Most are not even people I’ve ever met. But, I still rely on them for their opinion. Especially when I post a check in somewhere cool, hip and happenin’ like @WorldOfPlaid or @TheGoldenSpittoon.

Actually, I’m seriously thinking about taking a break from all the Likes, Thumbs Up and Sponsored Content simply because I can. And, because when I posted a Poll on my Fan Page hinting at doing just that, two people responded. Both thought I was being funny and added Happy Face emojis.

Let me give you my reasons to deactivate Facebook:

1 – Friends Of Friends Won’t Miss Me

I am a dolt when it comes to the Privacy Settings on Facebook. I can’t speak ‘facebookese’ so what I post EVERYONE gets to see. That satisfies my need to get noticed and it gives me access to many, many more potential new ‘friends’ but the reality is, friends of friends and the friends of friends of friends are not even sure who I am when I post another #selfie. They never Like or Comment on my stuff, so it won’t matter when I pull the pin.

2 – I Hate Gifs

Now that Facebook has added a new Gif posting option inside Comments, I’m pretty much hooped. If my real life had auto start like everything else does in my online life, my therapist would see a lot more of me. I’d also appear on the evening news, but since the only way I can get Likes with that is if someone else shared the online story, I’m back to being hooped again. Keep an eye out for the Gif of me giving Facebook the finger. It’s a keeper.

3 – I Can Also Turn To Twitter

Although this pretty much defeats the purpose of deactivating Facebook, there is an alternative. I can tweet my way into your online life and I can do it with the strategic use of #hashtags. Or at least I may be able to LOL my way out of your online world with such clever Trending Today items as #TurnAFriendIntoACountrySong or #WreckAMovieTitleWithYourFriendsName.

The Bottom Line

We live in an amazing world. Technology is all around us and inside us as we walk through wifi zones. How we use that technology is up to us. Today, I’m disconnecting because I hate texting my wife. Especially when she’s sitting next to me. Maybe it’s time for you to Log Off as well.

Umm fucking yes! Jeez, thank you looseink. It was great entertainment and I appreciate your hard work mate. By the way that photo is meant to represent me handballing (jobs) to other people. Please subscribe to this shit!




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