• Max Price


Fark, for me this is a hard one to try and commit too. I believe it so hard but I still find myself not committing to it as much as I should be, let me explain what I mean.

I think it’s pretty simple, most of us have a wage that comes in, it disperses in all different directions, you survive, hopefully have a laugh and wait until next pay. But I know some of us have those side projects/businesses/ideas that keep us up at night and piss us off when we postpone inventing a waterproof whiteboard to write ideas down in the shower… I know right, it’s a fucking genius idea. If anyone wants to go into business with that contact me.

Anyways, not only should you do your goals you should also be feeding money towards it, and here's where the title of this thing comes into play. If you need a laptop to send emails to potential clients (that will pay you) buy that laptop, if you need a travel case for your 6 pack of sex toys for paid gigs, buy that travel case. Invest in things that will make you money back… It’s pretty simple.

Again, I still fuck this up all the time. When it’s 2am and I’ve spent $200 at a bar and I have that split second sober thought, ‘Max you fucking idiot, this could have been spent on that travel case...' Or microphone for podcasts (which by the way is the plan for this website, coming soon… When I stop drinking so much.) But it’s important to know where you are spending your money and if it’s on something that won’t make you money back, question if it’s necessary.

Ugh, I’m off to the pub.

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