• Max Price


All the ideas and topics that I end up writing about are just born out of conversations with mates, books and articles I read and the occasional podcast. I write a headline in my phone then when I get a second, I write a vomit out a piece that hopefully holds a useful bit of advice that might help one person… Or not.

As I’ve been accumulating ideas and articles to write and talk about, a mate from work asked me... “Are you saving the best stuff until you become more established?” And I knew my answer because I’d heard something from one of my favourite comedians in the world, Louis CK.

Louis was speaking in an interview with a bunch of other A1 comics and they talked about new jokes vs their best jokes. The same kind of question was asked to Louis and (yes I’m just saying his first name like I know him, and yes, it is embarrassing) his response was amazing. “I burn my best stuff every comedy special so I put pressure on myself to come up with even better material.” That isn’t a direct quote but it was something along those lines.

It’s an awesome bit of advice to anyone creative. You are doing yourself a serious discredit if you hold back your best stuff… If there is a campaign, or a brief, or a brainstorm session about the next product name for a condom ('The Sword Sealer') and you’re giving your 3rd best idea so you can save your top 2 ideas for another time/something better, everyone in the room will think you’re only mediocre at your job and it's a bad way to go about your creative juices.

Give over your best ideas and allow yourself to have that pressure to come up with something even better. I bet you surprise yourself, 1. Because you’re most likely talented enough and 2. Because your best shit is now burnt… You can’t depend on that idea anymore, if you've got nothing you'll be forced to create.

Unless it’s an entrepreneurial venture that might make you serious fat stacks on your own, then fuck them hold it back and do it yourself… But under the condition that every-single-day you’re doing one thing towards that venture. If not, you’re talking shit and I don’t believe you deserve to withhold that idea.

Wow that was all pretty serious with a hint of harshness at the end… Burn your best material! Listen to my podcast!




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