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I think we’re at a point now where most people have had a situation where they’ve spilt a beer on their phone or laptop and lost insanely important documents, memories and/or stripper’s numbers. There is no worse feeling than losing your digital wardrobe. I’m pretty sure digital wardrobe isn't a thing and I’m pretty sure a stripper has never offered to give me her number.

Anyway, this is all a thing of the past. And I'm not referring to strippers rejecting me but rather losing anything from my digital wardrobe. In 2017 there should be absolutely NO WAY you should ever lose any of importance on your phone, tablet or laptop…

Google Drive, Dropbox, other companies that do cloud stuff I don’t know of. You muuust be using one. And not just the online platform but using the app or the bit of software you can download onto your computer, installing it and have it in your sidebar or the top panel of your computer.

I’m sure most of you tech savvy humans know all this but a lot of people don’t. Usually because “I don’t want them to have my personal information.” Well firstly, take off the aluminum foil hat and secondly, no one cares enough about you to take your shit.”

Here are a few simple reasons why using Google Drive or Dropbox is absolutely essential these days;

  1. You’ll never lose anything ever again. You won’t. Throw your laptop under a truck you don’t lose any documents, or a stripper smashes your phone against a wall for trying to get her number, you don’t lose any documents.

  2. You can access important documents from different devices from anywhere. This has saved me hundreds of times when I’ve had a script, document, form I’ve suddenly needed to print or email but don’t have my laptop. I can open up Google Drive or Dropbox and boom… I have access to it.

  3. You get heaps of space. 30GB for Google Drive these days. I just sync with my laptop the important documents I need. The photos I want to keep are in the cloud and I can access them via so they don’t take up too much room on my laptop.

I could try and make more points but the first 2 are the only ones I really care about, even the third point felt like I was flogging a dead horse.

Don’t allow yourself to EVER lose your important documents or photos ever again. Download a cloud thing and save everything important on it. It’s encrypted (made that up) and secured with your password. You’ll get email notifications if it’s been accessed from another location. I had this friendly prince from somewhere in Africa let me know he’s managing my funds after he logged into my Google Drive and I haven’t looked back.

Work off a cloud based drive and never lose Candy’s number again!

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