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Anyone else miss his or her old iPod? I know it only had 350 songs on it but I’ve recently felt more frustrated with 350 million songs on Spotify than my old 350 shitty songs that included Blink 182, Limp Bizkit and those one hit wonder songs I can no longer remember what they were bloody called!

On my way to work a few months ago I couldn’t find something I wanted to listen to so I cracked it… I sat there is silence for a bit, after refreshing Instagram, Facebook and Twitter 30 times I was left wondering what do I do for the rest of the commute.

To get real deep just for a second, I believe life is about learning. Never ever stop learning and every second you’re awake is an opportunity to learn. The second you are set in your ways is the second you fall behind. So it blows my mind people that just get home and consume mainstream TV SHIIIIIIIT! On the contrary, the dumber society stays the easier they are to control, instill fear and conform… See I told you I’d get real deep for a second.

So I read, I watch documentaries, keep up to date with everything going on in the world and know when any cat that has done something hilarious on the internet. But the A to B commute had always been for music, nothing else. So dumb.

Again, I’m late to the party with a lot of this stuff… I’m sure a lot of people are podcast enthusiasts and you probably don’t need to waste your time reading the rest of this article but for the people that aren’t, please continue on.

There are some seriously good podcasts to listen to, ones that can actually change your life. Sounds farfetched but I started with one by a guy called Kevin Kruse. He did a podcast promoting his book ’15 Secrets Successful People Know about Time Management’. Wow, it was game changing for me.

Every bit self help advice in the past I’ve read has always been a waste of time… “Look in the mirror and find yourself…” “Everyone cares about you…” Get fucked. That was all such a load of shit to me. This guy gave me such practical steps to make my life better and 100% more organized. Something Fred Durst couldn’t do in his Hotdog flavoured water album.

Research things you want to know and Google it “+ podcast”. I guarantee you will find a podcast on anything that interests you… Let that commute to work become a time where you get a lesson that can only benefit you! It’ll take your mind away from having your face in the armpit of a man who hasn’t showered that day or the crazy woman screaming at a chair on the train.

Looking for a podcast now I’ve sold the idea so well? I’ve got one that encompasses advice and comedy called GET S**T DONE. Subscribe to it on iTunes as I’ll be doing one every week with guest comedians.

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