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Ever ended the week not doing the things you said you were going to do? Another week you’ve pushed your dreams and goals back another 7 days? I know I have, 100’s of times.

Usually it’s because that huge goal is too far away, too big, too fucking scary to fathom the path to get there.

Well, it’s true, it is far away, it is big and it is fucking scary but there is a way to make it less scary, big, blah.

Simply, get that HUGE goal and work backwards right until you are reading this sentence. What’s one thing you can do today to get towards that goal? (MIT, Most Important Task - Kevin Kruse)

Make it small, really small. An email, a text, an application, a phone call, an hour of writing, an hour of reading, etc. ONE thing you can do today, tomorrow and the rest of the week.

Seriously, if you just spend 5 minutes on that one daily task to achieve your goal you’re on your way… Sounds naff but it’ll work. Before you know it in a month you’ve had 31 daily tasks to get to that MASSIVE goal. Better than going ‘Oh, I know I should be doing this but… I don’t know where to start…’

Well, todays daily task should be researching where to start… You’re already making more progress than you have been in the last 2 weeks, I’m guessing.


I’ve come up with an goal accountability challenge you can do with your spouse or mate. Here’s how it works;

Step one – Acquire a mate or a spouse

The mate should be someone you get drunk with most weekends. Someone you trust and you’re getting blind drunk each weekend probably because you’re both putting off doing the work to achieve your goals.

The spouse, make sure they are someone who cares about you and understands you, it’s a bit heavy to ask someone on a tinder date, ‘I want achieve my dreams but I need you to help me!!’ That will end with you in bed alone that night with the laptop burning your chest. Make sure it’s a steady honest relationship and both of you have a big goal they want to reach.

Step two – The Sunday Chat

Talk to your spouse or mate on a Sunday. Tell them the things you are going to get done this week. Ie;

  • Email Creative Director from XXX

  • Write 3 articles

  • Record Podcast

  • Explore if you can adopt Sloths in Australia

  • Exercise Mon, Wed, Fri

Send it via Whatsapp, FB messenger, written note, email, on a wall with your own blood, in other words somewhere with evidence.

THEY MUST DO THE SAME. You need to know their big goal and the daily steps of that week. Just make it FIVE so it’s Monday to Friday.

Step 3 – Checking-In

Now, you can make this a daily check in if you can be bothered, “boom, you can’t adopt Sloths in Australia, what a load of shit.” Letting them know you’ve done it but I can imagine a daily text could be annoying or inspiring for the other person. Or you can go straight to step 4.

Step 4 – The Friday Night Chat

It’s either a phone call or catch up in person, around beer 1 or 2 on a Friday night, make it as traditional as doing your footy tips! During the catch up you look at the 5 tasks you were going to do each day. Each one you didn’t do costs you $5. That money goes to the other person. You can maybe trade sexual favours instead of dollars, I recommended doing that with your spouse not your mate.

So in turn, it’s costing you money/sexual favours if you don’t complete your tasks or the positive side, you are making money and getting sexual favours if you ARE completing your daily tasks AND on your way to your dream…

I just re-read this challenge, it doesn’t sound bad… Sexual favours, money and achieving goals…

T’s & C’s

Please don’t ever use the excuse, “I had no time this week”, FUCK OFF. Wake up half an hour earlier, don’t watch GOT, order dinner one night instead of cooking, spend your lunchtime wisely, ‘got no time’ is bullshit.

Or in the words of Gary V (legend), don’t complain then… If you’re spending the time you’re not at your job watching TV and sleeping in then don’t complain, be content. But if you want something, you’ll spend every second you get pursuing it.

Thank you for reading and I hope you give it a crack. Please SHARE this with your mate or spouse, enter your email below to get the very personal newsletter. AND one last bit of plugging, subscribe to the PODCAST, each week comedians and sporting stars give their advice on life.




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