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I have a mate at my full-time job at the moment that gets so engulfed in his 9-5 job that it’s borderline embarrassing.

Getting caught up in your minuscule insignificant professional work life the scariest thing that can happen to you, I believe.

My anger and heart rate never increases while I’m at my day time job. Yeah, I care about it and I put in the hard work but there is never a reason to be angry.

I know you’ve read up to this bit and now… You’re probably calling 'bullshit'. Well, I use to put everything into my full-time job, I’d get attached to projects and if anything didn’t go the way I envisioned it I’d lose my mind.

Crack it at exec’s, crack it at co-workers, crack it at external companies unable to achieve what I had in mind. I was just putting far too much emotion into something I really shouldn’t have been.

I started wondering why am I so engulfed in this? Why am I in an office with my manager tell him Fred is a cockhead and Janet from accounting doesn’t know what she's talking about?

I truly think the reason why is because I had nothing else to care about professionally. I would put all my professional eggs into these fragile projects and campaigns.

What else do I have to worry about? Nothing. Just my one full-time gig where Janet from accounting fucked me over last week so I’m not going to say morning to her in the kitchen. How pathetic is that? And I’ve done it.

This all changed years ago when I began doing far more outside of my full-time job than I did in my 40 hour week gig. Let me tell you, it was freeing, liberating, reinforcing, calming…

Let me go off track for a second. Being just at a full-time job with the same people for years can be insanely unhealthy and your world ends up being distorted. I’ll never forget a marketing manager years ago knocking back every single one of my ideas because it wasn’t funny.

So as you can imagine, I questioned everything, my sense of humour, my personality, am I just way off the mark?? And I was insanely angry at him, definitely walked by him in the kitchen without saying morning multiple times.

It wasn’t until I just went out on a limb and made one of those concepts in my free time and it went viral. It was as I mentioned before freeing, liberating, etc. But the point is I was in a distorted world where my boss was the comedy judge and I had a life sentence. Ugh, that analogy made me cringe.

Anyway, I now have multiple side projects and it’s the best because if anything frustrating happens at my full-time job, sure… It happened, shit happens. I can disperse so much energy in other places that I’m very happy to roll with that punch. We’ll just work on something new, or make those changes.

Bare in mind, if you’re working with zero passion at your full-time job then seriously reassess why you’re there…

So maybe some steps to follow for anyone in a full-time job that hates Janet in accounting that understands hating Janet in accounting is a complete waste of time;

Step 1 – Find your passion.

This should be pretty easy. What’s the thing you do for fun?

Step 2 – Research industries that live within that passion.

Love guitar? Sweet, where do guitars get made? Where do they get sold? Where do they get tested? Guitar strings, where is the factory that makes them? Is it hard to become a supplier?

Step 3 – The transition.

I think taking risks can sometimes be stupid, but I think calculated risks is something EVERYONE should be doing. This means don’t throw your keyboard across the room one day yelling ‘Fuck you Janet from accounting, in fact fuck you all! I’m out!!’ This means you use full-time wage to build the engine in the background. Buy the site, get the samples, spend 15% of wage on marketing or advertising, bust your fucking arse weeknights and weekends all while talking to Janet from accounting in the kitchen. Why? Because you have energy in other places than where you’re working who cares about Janet from accounting.

Note: Push this further, if you want to be on stage with slash, spend every second practicing guitar, writing songs, doing gigs, recording, emailing Michael Gudinski. Don’t watch Game Of Thrones…

Step 4 – Monetization.

Makin’ fat stacks. This is obviously the last key to the satisfied life you’re looking for. It’s monetizing your passion. Understand you need strangers to hand over their money. Either lots of people handing over small amounts of money (easier) or a few large businesses handing over large amounts of money.

Step 5 – Live dat lyf.

That’s surely winning at life. Finding a way to make money doing what you’d do for free.


Find your passion + monetize your passion = sick lyf.

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