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I was set an impossible task at my first corperate job. I fresh meat in a marketing team when a (fucking idiot) marketing manager ran a TV ad campaign that stated, ‘anyone that opened an account and added this coupon code got a free golf lesson at their local club.’

Yep, just think about that for a second, a national TV ad where ANYONE who signed up got a FREE golf lesson at their LOCAL golf club. Can you see how dumb this would be to execute?

I was the young marketing intern that got roped into dealing with the aftermath. So there I was 19 years old, in a digital world where phone calls scared the shit out me now having to now call new customers, find out where their closest golf course was, call the golf club, see if they have lessons available, try to pay for a lesson with a credit card over the phone, call back the new customer and let them know the lesson was sorted… *Take breath* - For 1000+ new customers.

Besides how unbelievably the lack of thought that went into this campaign as I said, I lived in a digital world, instant messaging and Facebook. To speak to a stranger on the phone was something that gave me extreme anxiety.

So I would sit at my desk absolutely dreading each phone call angry, usually alcoholic golf club managers. “How the fuck are you going to pay for a lesson without me swiping your card physically??”

What the hellish process did do was give me an apprenticeship in speaking to strangers via phone and that’s what I was to tell younger people that for some unknown reason are reading this. Getting comfortable making phone calls to strangers is so important, and is such an underrated skill.

In fact most people are shit at phone calls. Do you know that one person that can never end the phone call smoothly? It’s always, ‘alrigh –‘ ‘k I bett –‘ ‘By-‘ ‘Bye!’ Even thinking about the anxiety fuelled phone finish makes me curl over.

But sucking it up and calling on a phone, speaking freely and comfortably to strangers will get you miles further than someone that squirms at the idea and backs out with a text or an email. If you think you’ve missed opportunities because you texted instead of called, you most likely did missed them.

The other reason for calling means you’re more likely to get your way. Shoe on the other foot, if someone called you about joining them for drinks Friday night I bet you’re a strong chance of agreeing right there on the spot… But if they texted you, you get to compose a reply about how you’re meant to be going to your girlfriend’s parents for dinner that is a complete made up load of shit…

Phone calls are a better for these dot points to make this article look more professional;

  • Cut through

  • Get you further

  • More professional

  • More personal

I know for older readers phone calls were their bread and butter whilst growing up, they might read this and go ‘who the fuck is afraid of speaking to people on the phone?’ I know, it’s weird and kind of embarrassing but in this insane digital age, it’s a thing and should be addressed as a thing! Start making phone calls.

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