• Max Price


I’ve spent a bumload of my life trying to learn as much as I possibly can. How to use video editing software, how to put a shooting schedule together and how to remove superglue off pubes.

Now don’t get me wrong these have all been insanely useful skills to learn and I think no one should ever stop learning but I’ve realized recently that just continuing to learn a bit of everything is as useless as using superglue in a sex act.

It goes back to that similar saying, ‘you can be good at a lot of things but the best at nothing.’ So whilst learning as much as you can at an early stage once you’ve narrowed down exactly what you want to do stop learning that you need nail polish, cotton swabs and cold water to rub off superglue.

I’ll backtrack further and further I’ll start at birth… As soon as you enter the world, who the fuck knows what you want to do, what your dreams are and what liquids work the best in the bedroom.

Through learning, experiences, trial and error to begin understanding what want to do in your life.

Once I knew I wanted to work with cameras and comedy I just started learning fucking everything. How to operate a camera, operate a soundkit, sync footage and sound, edit, special effects, sound design, different video codecs, how to write a sketch, how to make someone laugh, screenwriting (in LA), TV writing, how to use final draft, website design, running a business, tax, bookkeeping, blah blah.

Now, I think you should spend a lot of actually learning all this. It’s important and adds a shit ton of strings to your bow. But you know one day you’re going to be staring at a wall with your only memory being Donald Trump being impeached in 2018 while you wee into a catheter strapped to your leg. In other words, your member aint around forever.

So once you’ve got all the skills, lay them out physically… In a mind map (! Work out which skills you LOVE to do… You know, the ones that ‘don’t feel like work’. Should only be a couple.

Boom, that’s where you focusing your learning on. The other shit can be delegated. Website design? Bookkeeping? ( or Superglue sticking 2 body parts together? Emergency room. You get the picture.

This is the road to becoming brilliant at something rather than good at a lot of stuff.

Learn it all, then forget most of ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.

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