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$2305.35 is sitting in your bank account… Sick, I’ll sit back and spend up on shit I don’t need like a hilarious stuffed owl that’s head follows you around the room, why? Because you have $2305.35 in your account.

I think playing tricks on your brain to benefit you is something everyone should be doing. I fuck with my head with money all the time (in a way that benefits).

I should explain what I use to have… I’m so angry at myself for living so many years like this but I use to have one single bank and 3 bank accounts.




That was it. I’d get paid into my EVERDAY ACCOUNT and I’d be in charge of transferring coin into my ESAVER ACCOUNT for that massive holiday I never could be fucked organizing. I’d also use my phone to transfer mullah into my ATM card for buying things like stuffed owls.

Here is the problem with having all your money on one screen in an app… “You’re loaded”. Doesn’t matter how much you’ve been paid, saved or an extra freelance job has brought in, you’re comfortable with what you’re seeing (kind of.)

This is where I think you can start running into problems, the problems I had for years. All the money is there, so let’s just slow down a second, a couple of thousand there? Sweet, I’ll do fuck all today.

It’s dangerous, I became complacent once I had four figures in my account. Spend a little extra at the pub, buy lunch 4 days a week at work and buy a second stuffed owl, where the head can spin 360 degrees.

So, what the fuck should you do? Asked no one… Secondary banks and term deposits. It’s been unbelievable, I still swear I’m living the exact same lifestyle I use to live but been able to save more money than I ever have in my life.

It’s through simply, having a second bank account which is my new ESAVINGS ACCOUNT. I don’t have the phone app, the debit card sits hidden in a draw at home. Once I get paid, I transfer some money across and live with EVERYDAY ACCOUNT and ATM CARD ACCOUNT only…

I’m not as lazy, try and eat a couple of lunches I’ve packed and not buy that second owl. By the way, don’t know anything about this owl thing I’ve sprinkled through this article, it’d be awesome an owl that’s head could follow you around the room… Let me know if it exists.

But I pull up my banking app now and see 20% of my money as opposed to 100% and that plays with my head, in a great way.

Refer to my Be A Bank Slut article and check out my podcast with Australia's best comedians.

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