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Even in that title it just makes sense, so this will be short.

Any task you have that would take 2 minutes or less to do should be handled right then and there. Just fucking do it, Nike’s motto’s looser cousin. I know that the quick simple tasks that are the easy ones to delay are often the ones I either forget or actually dwell on.

It’s the perfect example of weight on the shoulders scenario and everyone should be trying to keep zero weight on his or her shoulders.

Just off the topic, just discovered recently how sore ladies shoulders get from handbags… Someone has to do something about that. #DitchTheHandbag

Anyways, getting into a habit where the 2 minute or less tasks are nipped in the bud immediately will keep that weight (not the handbag) off your shoulders at all times.

It will also have such run on effects with other shit. You can concentrate harder on the bigger tasks because you’ve replied to that email that took you one minute, you’ve looked up and called that restaurant you were going to that night or you’ve made that coca-cola spider because you just remembered how good they were and haven’t had one since you were 13 years old. And yes, they are still fucking great.

Well, this article only took about 2 minutes and now I never have to worry about writing it again, it’s done. Weight off ye’ol shoulders.

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