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I want to write this one for everyone that has been in a big business for more than 3 years… You’re on a self-contained island that has made up rules and laws.

Okay, immediately I’m aware I need to break this shit down a fair bit but it’ll hopefully elevate stress if work has totally consumed you…

If you’re in a 9-5, Mon-Fri job, you’re spending more awake time with people you work with than your partner, kids and mates. You’re also not really dealing with other professional jobs, it’s just the one job with the same people, day after day, week after week.

Now, your job might be fucking great or it might be cleaning bathrooms in macca’s, or if you’re optimistic you have a great fucking job cleaning toilets in macca’s. But I’m not writing this to work out if you like you’re job or not I’m here to talk about the ‘processes’.

Every job has their ‘processes’, ‘we go through this software to do this’, ‘we write our to-do’s on our foreheads to let everyone know how busy we are’. These are the things that large businesses start doing that can make them seem like their living on a remote island.

And after you are on that island for more than 3 years these ‘processes’ consume you, you are stranded on the island. To do something different, maybe even more productive and efficient becomes impossible to imagine because your island law states there is only one way.

I know my last job where I was for 8 years went through countless processes using countless software programs and we had people arrive at our island to try and streamline (shit buzzword) every-single-thing. Some of it worked but too often we settled on processes that were shithouse, counterproductive and a complete waste of time.

So what is my fucking point, for anyone that has been in a big corporate job for 3+ years, it’s just understanding, you’re on an island. Everyone is abiding by made up laws and rules, so they should be questioned and only good bosses and managers (island leaders) are going to back you in when you prove which processes are just dumb.

If you see a counterproductive processes because it’s ‘an island law’, ask if it’s needed. Raise it in a WIP meeting, in fact good bosses and managers should see initiative like that as a great quality. You will also stress less because you’ll start eliminating these pointless tasks and get back to making those toilets clean AF.

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