• Max Price

You’re the average of the 5 people you hang out with most

I had some loose years… Like real loose. Loved those memories, no regrets on those memories they were hilarious times and I had so much fun.

It was only as loose as it was because of the people I was hanging out with. No one on Friday night said, ‘hey let’s some late night cake and coffee and be naughty!’ it was more like who’s getting the froffs and where the fuck are we drinking them?’

As you grow older, values change. My values especially (to me) began to look at the bigger picture, where I want to be and how do I get there, you know those lame dreams and goals humans have.

I discovered that if I want to start progressing towards those goals I had to avoid X person and not answer Y’s calls… It’s a very practical yet sad way to deal with the situation but if you can’t grow together they need to be cut.

I truly believe in the statement, ‘you’re the average of the 5 people you hang out with the most’ and if you’re in a venomous circle that get on gear and rattle your brains every weekend avoiding your dreams and goals… It’s time.

Time to start hanging out with people better than you, with more drive than you, more successful than you… It’ll drive and motivate you to become better.

Yeah, the idea may sound uncomfortable and foreign but I think hanging out with a crowd you know you shouldn’t be is a shitload more depressing and sad.

If you feel like the crowd you’re hanging around with is not helping you, motivating you and driving you to be better as a person personally and professionally… Fuck them off.

Yeah you deserve fun at an early age, get it in but you’ll feel the time when you need to move on and your mates aren’t consider upgrading, your future will thank you.

I feel like a froff now... Or cake and a coffee… Oww, how naughty of me.

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