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I found myself two mornings ago waking up early, like really fucking early. Once I grabbed that phone and the mind ticks over that’s it. I’m awake with 0% chance of falling back asleep and I’m on the social media scroll train.

You know the one, ‘What’s happening on Facebook? 2 notifications? Oh some stranger posted in a closed group that I haven’t unfollowed yet, good. Instagram? A very attractive lady started followi… Oh it’s a spam account. Twitter? What celebrities have tweeted insults to Donald Trump? Now I’ve caught up, it’s been a while since I’ve opened Facebook…’

This is a hellish spiral I have found myself in, especially recently while working from overseas but I know a vast majority of younger people do it. And if you’re one of them I bet that you hate that you do it, I do.

I have done it and I still occasionally do it, I’m not some fucking preacher I do that same shit as most people. I just want to share little things that have helped me do less social media scrolling and create, produce, write and learn stuff that is much more rewarding than seeing your racist Auntie in an immigration argument on a Facebook post. In saying that though, that can be thoroughly entertaining/sad.

As the title of this article suggests, here are a couple of ways to trick yourself into doing productive shit by setting up almost pranks for your lazy future self, mainly for the AM part of the day.


This one is the most practical, technology driven suggestion. Anti-social the app allows you to do a few things to limit looking at Chelsea Handler tell Donald Trump to kill himself, also entertaining. Essentially the app has control of the apps you allow it to control… If that makes sense.

  • Daily Limit: ie. Only allow you to be on FB, Insta and Twitter for 15 minutes a day.

  • Countdown Clock: If you’re trying to do some tough/boring shit and you keep picking up your phone, you can set it for an hour and you won’t be able to open any social apps.

  • Schedule: See the week ahead and set hours you can’t open social apps. For me it’s 6-9am every day. (I’m most creative then so fuck ruining that with hot models trying to selling me bikini’s on Instagram.)

There are a few other programs that do essentially the same thing, I’ve heard FREEDOM is good for computers but never used it. If I want to do stuff on my laptop I go to a café and prevent myself from knowing the Wi-Fi password, I get bored and write shit.


This is tough but incredibly simple. Charge your phone in another room… It’ll do four things, stop you from looking at bullshit before bed, stop you from looking at bullshit in the morning, read a book (good for ye’ol brain) and if you’re in a relationship you can engage with your partner more, talk, relate, laugh and if you’re bored enough, fornicate.

If you use your phone as an alarm, go and buy a $15 dollar alarm clock radio thing for next to your bed, it’s kind of old school and fun to wake up to the radio instead of a horrible repetitive noise that gives you shivers whenever you hear it throughout the day from another phone.


Could be a chance that you’re waking up for no real reason, I mean of course you are, I dare say for work or to university but that’s not until you get to work/uni. Are you working on a side project (see article)? Do you need to do something around the house? Are you putting off something you keep forgetting/avoiding? The night before schedule the things you need to do in Google Cal for the morning… You’ll be waking up for a reason and instead of scrolling you’re doing something productive!

I’m sure there are books on doing this right in 236 different ways but often they are written by geniuses that don’t even need to do any them. They grew up without all the technology we have now and don’t have 1000+ friends on Facebook who are all trying to outdo each other with ‘lavish’ lifestyles.

This shit has just helped me and I hope it helps you. I got to write this and even if no one reads it I feel satisfied because it feels satisfying to bleeds thoughts on paper. I tell you what doesn’t feel satisfying, flicking between three apps 42 times in 25 minutes and gaining nothing else but seeing attractive people on insta, anger on twitter and brain numbing videos on FB.

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