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Warning: This is the deepest article yet...

I write very honestly and express exactly what I’m feeling and implement solutions with what I’ve learnt… This is a cray one.

Had a tough day yesterday, found out some of the biggest news in my life, just moved to a new city and no guaranteed work lined up for 2018.

Hopeless some could say, and that’s exactly how I felt yesterday. I was shot, sitting in my room with my girlfriend just unable to say ‘we’ll be fine’.

Weird. Weird because I’m usually so optimistic. I always assure myself that with hard work and passion things work out… but not yesterday.

Everyone goes through these lows, everyone. Your parents, your boss, your partner… It just sucks when it’s your time to go through the lows.

The options for good/bad solutions are endless. Exercise, get black out drunk, give up, persevere, headbutt a wall, etc.

What I mainly wanted to get to was this lesson I learnt in an acting class (of all places) about the biggest battle you’ll have your entire life… The one inside of your own head.

The devil on one shoulder, the angel on the other… Dead right. I know you know it exists, the teacher referred to the devil as “Neville”.

One side believes in you, thinks you can achieve anything you want. The optimistic fucker, like a little Bruce Lee that fights for you.

The other side, Neville, is a cunt. Sorry usually wouldn’t go that far with it but... it’s true. The other side is fear, the other side is that person that said you’ll never amount to anything and the other side is where most people unfortunately rest and call home. The other is like The Hulk riddled with chlamydia that wants to pass on that STI.

This acting teacher expressed that most people hold back when they act… They fear failing so badly that they never fully commit to the performance.

Ever seen someone half act? It’s awkward, uncomfortable and usually means that someone is quite self conscious… As opposed to someone that just goes for it. It’s mesmerizing, entertaining and means they don’t fear failing. Same goes for life, in a weird way…

Jim Carrey, the guy who wrote a pretend $5 million dollar cheque, put it in his wallet. Promised himself he’d have a real $5 million dollar cheque before 30… and achieved it.

He said the sickest quote ever that I’ll get tattoo’ed on my one day (if I can shorten it) “So many of us choose our path out of fear disguised as practicality”. FUCK ME. Shivers when I heard that.

IT’S TRUE. Parents saying, “that’s not a career”, peers and mates wanting to knock you down a peg because you’re not falling into line and working the way they work.

It’s all fear and it’s feeding Neville. Neville is loaded with ammo and the Angel on the other shoulder hasn’t got a lot to go off.

The Angel struggles when you, the individual, doesn’t feed the Angel ammunition. And here’s the kicker… It’s up to you, the individual.

Entrepreneur and realist, Gary Vee says it best, ‘The world doesn’t owe you anything.’ Haha, he’s brutal but correct. No one owes you a thing, unless it’s Tom Breen, who still owes me $20 I lent him at school the dirty dog.

I bitched and moaned yesterday. It was selfish but it was scary. I listened to Neville and believed in Neville. I slept with Neville (selfish lover #DidntFinish) but thankfully woke back up with the Angel.

Got up, planned my day practically with my iCal (read iCal article), sort this price listing, Write this article, shortlist who I’m pitching my business too, test myself for chlamydia, etc.

I was thankful to have the one nightstand with Neville but like one nightstand’s have done with me, he’ll probably never text me again (I hope).

This article was very personal to me and if you’ve read all this I want to just summarize by saying, we battle through life with ups and downs. I truly believe life is about purpose and that purpose gets bashed and squashed every single day.

Find that purpose, believe in that purpose and strive to fulfill your purpose.

Squash Neville and turn your head to that Angel, the Angel is sexier and believes in you.

Wow, that was weird to write.





©2018 by Max Price.