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I opened up in an article recently where I expressed that I felt a little flat. It was like that feeling when you miss a bus by a second and feel like a fucking idiot. Except the life version of that… If that somehow makes sense.

Expressing ‘sad’ feelings isn’t something I do often. See, even just then I couldn’t just write sad feelings. I still just then had to put inverted commas in because ‘I’m a fucking bloke and blokes don’t do that or get ‘sad’’.

And that’s the problem really... Reality is depression and suicide amongst males is on the rise in Australia since 2012 and it stems from ‘yeah nah, mate I’m all good.’

For any human just to stay in one emotional state their entire existence is either Robo-cop (not a human) or one of those series killers that just doesn’t feel any emotion whatsoever. Just a quick shout out to any of my serial killer readers.

You’re full of shit if you think you don’t battle through bad times and even good times… The ‘good time’ battles are obviously more fun.

It’s alright that you’re having a shit one, we all have shit ones.

Some shit ones last a split second like you close all of your apps which included Spotify and your music stops streaming but some shit ones can be a week, month and even year shit ones that can be about absolutely anything.

I felt flat about a couple of things but I understood I was allowed to feel like that. Usually I’d just battle through it and on pretty much every occasion I’d come good and be in a better headspace.

What I found when I expressed my feelings to the public, is that battle time halved. It halved because after communicating with the world, mates and family they got in contact… They wanted to chat, they wanted to ask questions, they wanted to know they knew I was going through a shit one. And they wanted me to know shit was going to be alright.

It was that communication with mates that got me back to producing comedy content, working on my own business almost immediately and making sure I don’t close all my apps (including Spotify) or miss that bloody bus again.

Modern life is getting tough as social media platforms warp your mind to think every other fucker is doing something amazing (they’re not, they went skiing once this year and the rest of the year they live a normal life like you and me) and work demands are getting obscene.

The main message is, if you guys and girls feel flat seriously reach out. To me, to your partner, your friends, your family and/or professionally. Fuck it made me feel better after expressing myself while going through a shit one. I will do it again as soon as I have my next shit one luckily I’m in a ‘good times’ phase right now.

Max xx

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For anyone really battling, call these legends.

Lifeline on 13 11 14 or the Suicide Call Back Service 1300 659 467 for 24-hour Australian counselling services.

Beyondblue on 1300 22 4636 for 24-hour phone support, online chat, resources and apps.




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