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I remember when I was younger I loved the movie Lassie, and from what my Mum told me, I fucking loved it. I use to play it 2-4 times a day on VHS. One day I reached up to put the tape in for the third time that day and I dropped it... It broke.

I was devastated and just when I thought it couldn't get worse Mum told me that was the last copy left in the world. I'd ruined everything, not only could I never see it again... I'd fucked it for the entire world. I learnt years later Mum was about to throw me through the TV if she had to watch it one more time and refused to buy another copy haha.

I thought that was true much like I was told Santa was real, Easter bunny was around and flushing goldfish down the toilet sent them straight into the sea to meet up with his long lost friends.

I don’t want to get into it but upon reflection, jeez we are lied to A LOT when we’re young… But essentially this is a nice Segway into this discussion, question everything.

An insane test was done recently with 3 people from social-economic backgrounds and had fairly different views on politics, etc. They were asked to Google the same word, I think the word was a developing country.

Each of their searches showed different results, one fueled their far right-wing view, one fueled their far left-view and the other showed 5 star hotels around the area. Same Google search, different results… Scary.

On the surface that does seem tooooo dangerous but the more you dive into the idea of fueling peoples preconceptions and uneducated opinions the more it becomes dangerous. You’re fed what you want to be fed and the more we access the news via the internet and especially social media the more we need to question everything.

I now have to treat the news I read on social media the way I should’ve treated my parents when they were telling me about some fat fuck in a red suit could climb down a 1x1 foot chimney on the 24th of December, give me presents and do that to every kid in the world… Or I owned the very last copy of Lassie. I don’t believe it... Although I've never seen a copy of Lassie since and it's never been on Netflix.

But, I question it. I don’t take anything as gospel. I think Gen Y and millennials understand this better than parents of these Gens. I speak to elder people who read ‘news’ on social media like it’s The New York Times, now that is scary - Get woke parents.

Moving on from news, I want to explore the idea of questioning everything in a much more of an inquisitive way. I think it’s so important. Being inquisitive is an intelligent trait.

Questioning equals discovering. The more you discover, the more you learn and everyone knows, knowledge is power.

You’ll often get told by people around you not to ask questions as it may be embarrassing for them… I’m here to say, fuck them – ask away.

I was in a cream shop recently with my girlfriend. You know one of those shops for cream for every bit of the body but don’t you dare put cream designed for your hands on your arse cheeks, that kind of shop.

As the hugs and kisses (missus) and the shop assistant walked around I saw a wooden table with a metal rectangle installed in the middle. (As I tell this story I realize how shit it is, so I’ll speed it up.)

As the staff member was telling better half (missus) how "once someone put chest cream on their face and got polio", I kept pushing and playing with this metal thing. What the fuck does this thing do? Is another copy of Lassie hidden in there somewhere?!

The darl was signaling at me with her very hydrated creamed hands to stop touching it but I wanted to know. I know this is such a nothing moment in the scheme of things but being told not to explore, isn't something anyone should listen too.

After she was conned in to buying armpit moisturizer and quadricep cream I didn’t allow myself holdback from questioning evertyhing and exploring. I asked the assistant and (get ready to be underwhelmed) she pushed down hard on the metal rectangle and a double-sided mirror with lights popped out 4 foot out of the table. A pop up dressing table, sick.

Boom. I now know what that thing did and it was glorious.

As I mentioned a couple of times during that story, not a story to crank out at a party but breaking it down. My partner was telling me to stop my exploring, I asked a complete stranger without hesitation (without feeling embarrassed), she showed me and now I know more than I did before.

Doing that once might mean fuck all, but doing that everyday for 5 years… You’re becoming more knowledgeable. That pop up dressing table concept might help me in 5 years time when I want to build a sex doll with a pop out dick? Yes, that may be a bad example but you get my point.

Asking why, how, who, when will only fill your brain with more and more knowledge. You will be better educated, more aware and a better problem solver. If someone wanted to get that male sex doll into an elevator but it couldn’t fit, pop the dick in for easy transport. Boom. Thanks pop up dressing table concept.

Going on a bit of a tangent now but it’s simple, question everything.

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PS - If you have a copy of 1994 Lassie... Let me know.

Max xx

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