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I use to love buying fake things, clothing brands, watches and back in the day the best was DVD’s. Some may not know, I grew up in Hong Kong (from 3 years old until 14) and buying fake DVD’s was such an entertaining ordeal.

There is a place just over the Hong Kong boarder in China (said the way Donald Trump says China) there is a giant shopping centre in a place called Shenzhen. It’s where you get all your fake Gucci bags and designer stuff. My Mum and Sister use to live it and I loved it for the fake/cheap technology. Remote cars, helicopters, FIFA and movies!

One trip we were on the 5th floor and we were getting tugged on the shoulder by this local bloke, ‘you want DVD?’ After initially shrugging him off he repeated ‘you want DVD?’ 3 more times, which just happens to be the amount of times you need to repeat a request before I accept it.

We followed him to a shop that sold microphones, not a DVD in sight. He closed the metal roller shutters for the front of the shop and locked us in. I thought I’d turn around and see a mic stand swinging at my head and my next memory would be wake up in an ice bath with no kidney.

Turns out they weren’t trying to harvest our organs, they pulled out an oversized DVD case (remember them), they had every latest flick with a number on them. Our instructions were simply, write down the DVD number on paper. Done. The local man radioed out the numbers and we sat waiting… Maybe this was the organ harvesting bit?

After 10 minutes of our local man trying to sell us a microphone, still no DVD's. I thought the roller door would go up an inch and the DVD’s would be slid through or maybe we pick them up at another shop but no... A roof panel opened up and an unknown hand from an unknown human handed down a black plastic bag filled with DVD’s. We couldn’t believe it/pissed ourselves. The panel went back on and that was that. There were more questions than answers. Is there a whole roof community in this shopping centre? Who the f**k was that? Where did those DVD's come from? Much confusion.

To Segway this back to what it is I want to talk about, fake handbags, clothing and DVD’s are fine. I’m mean, illegal but you’re only hurting the manufacturer/maker. Which isn’t good but lets get selfish.

Those things hurt other people but there are a couple of cheap/fake purchases that we should never make and two main ones are mattresses and shoes.

We spend a third of our lives in a bed… If we live to 85 years old, that’s 28 years in a bed!! We’re in shoes for half of our life, so that’s 42.5 years in shoes!!

Your back/spine is probably the part of body you need to look after the most (after the brain). So if you’re in shoes for 42 years of your life and in a bed for 28 years, there should be no excuse to not spend money on a good mattress and supportive soles.

Bed sleep = so many negatives, stress, depression, overeating, hundreds of things.

A bad back = so many negatives, stress, pain, organ failure (if they haven’t been harvested).

So simply, a second hand mattress (gross) is absolutely no option, spend less on you next car you sit in 2 hours a week and more on the Royals Royce of mattresses.

Don’t buy that real Marc by Marc Jacobs mate by Marc Jacobs handbag, buy shoes that support you or get inner soles to ensure you around walking around in pain.

I use to get teased for my inner soles for my school shoes, now those people have awful posture at 28 and when they’re 60’s they’ll be fucked.

Don’t skimp on bedding and shoes.

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