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It’s tough. You’re not taught to have a crack at running your own business, it’s not recommended and I think it’s actually discouraged. I was never at school learning how to fill out a BAS statement, what cash flow was or even what GST meant but fuck me, SIN COS TAN – thank fuck I’ve had that handy in my brain for all the times I’ve needed it since I graduated…

School has been referred to as job training, I think that’s true. Running your own business is like getting kicked in the face after getting kicked in the face. I can’t even beginning giving examples of what is thrown at you as my face is too fucking sore.

I’m 28 and the idea of a cushy $90k per year + super job right now is so very attractive as I’m sure it is to most owners of businesses starting up. Pizza in the office on Friday, work drinks, banter with co-workers – yes I miss all that but I think we forget the reason we started our own business…

On the topic of free pizza and beers, these are work place gimmicks. They are designed to shield the other times you’ve uttered ‘fuck this’, ‘ugh Monday’ and all the other things employees say in that cushy Mon-Fri 9-5 job. HR teams are there to keep employee moral up. I’m not saying it doesn’t work, it does… But running small businesses we don’t have someone bringing free pizza to us, we can drink beer but work drinks on your own is a lot sadder.

The reason we start these businesses are usually for a bigger reason. Mine was, I want to create something that I own, something that can leave a legacy. Not to make someone else money, like shareholders, I want to be a shareholder.

It’s only after you take that leap that you realize you’re technically not meant too. You’re alone, all the time. While other people are getting married, buying houses, going on extravagant holidays and buying cocaine you’re scraping by (and empty bags) trying to build an empire that isn’t happening as fast as you had thought.

Here’s where I turn this article into something that hopefully motivates you.

It’s not meant to happen overnight, hopefully you’ve spent the first decade of your life learning from other businesses, their success stories and their absolute failures. Remember what they were and emulate their successes and refrain from committing the same failures.

Hopefully you’ve saved enough so you can keep chipping away at you’re dream but if you believe in it and money is an issue, get a loan. Most businesses have never started without a loan or an investor. An investor can be great as it puts pressure on you to succeed, as there is someone else’s money at stake.

You better be working fucking hard right now. It better be longer hours than that cushy job and working also means learning. Keep learning… Always learn… Forever.

You’re going to achieve something special. (Emoji with the love heart eyes.)

Here is what running your own business looks like in steps:

  1. Fuck this 9-5 Mon-Fri shit, I’m doing my own thing.

  2. Work hard

  3. No success

  4. Breaking point 1

  5. Lots of things you didn’t realize when running a business happen

  6. You’re in debt

  7. Breaking point 2

  8. Work harder

  9. A bit of cash flow – no where near enough

  10. Friends are buying houses and getting married

  11. Feel like shit because you’re not doing the same

  12. Look on LinkedIn for other jobs

  13. Breaking point 3

  14. One last push? – More cash flow, just surviving.

  15. Another client / More sales

  16. Excitement

  17. Lose client / Less sales

  18. Breaking point 4

  19. A couple more clients

  20. Hardest you’ve ever worked

  21. Employ someone

  22. Chase more clients / sales

  23. Another hire of employee

  24. Chase more

  25. Employ more

  26. Build the engine underneath you

  27. Oversee

  28. Relax for the first time ever

  29. Manage a team

  30. Financial security

  31. Buy house / Marry partner / Go on extravagant holiday

  32. Continue to manage and lead.

Wow… Hectic. It’s scary, so scary – BUT it’s meant to be. The $90k per year job looks good now but maybe in 5-10 years you’re on $130k per year working the same hours, doing almost the same thing. Working harder than ever – making bank for someone else…

It’s not going to happen overnight, you won’t do all the ‘fun’ things your friends are doing around the same time and you’ll have more than 4 breaking points but how fucking exciting would it be retiring early? How exciting would it be owning a successful business? How exciting would it be to be a leader? How exciting would it be making money for yourself?

It’s possible.

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Max xoxo

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