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I heard a thing about writers recently that I frothed over, it was ‘writers don’t want to write, they have to write.’ As a writer it’s true… It’s like masturbating the brain (lol/gross). I need to get these things out of my head and onto paper.

If it’s fictional like when I write comedy it’s amazing just allowing your subconscious mind to take over and your fingers are just documenting the craziness – I understand this type of creativeness isn’t as easy to access as it is for my fat head but this is just the ‘fictional’ example.

The non-fictional writing is what I recommend to everyone… To further career, work out financial shit, to help make decisions, to vent, absolutely anything that you are thinking is better on paper.

It allows you to have some perspective like you’re a hawk above and on the paper is the mouse you’re looking for. Wow don’t know where I pulled that analogy from but it’s good.

Cluttered thinking is (I’m guessing) usually a battle for what you want/what makes you happy and having things on paper helps.

What exactly on paper you fuckwit?

Again, please ease up on the rudeness. This is a shit answer but anything… Journal, article, venn diagram, spider diagram.

Late last year when I ventured out of a full time job and started my own business I did a spider diagram of my skills and passions.

It was awesome to finally get some perspective. Looking at this diagram saying, I love beer and I like presenting, why not a web series where I drink beer and different events? See my web show here.

But also gave me the confidence to leap into my business Priceless Productions knowing I’m monetising my passion.

I was told this story recently about Dustin Martin (plays for the AFL – best player around right now). It goes that a motivational speaker came in who lived with a tribe for 6 months to understand why they were so happy.

Turns out, it was basic human behaviors of empathy, communication and self-awareness that they were so in-tune with.

The way the speaker tackled self-awareness was with journals. Dustin’s demeanour throughout the talk was nonchalant. At the end the speaker was handing out journals and Dusty took a handful and that seemed to be it.

A year later the speaker got a text from a rando number that said ‘Hey mate, can I get a bunch more of those journals. Dustin.’

He had been writing every day for 12 months and was so in-tune with himself it had to be reflective of his on field performance, which was amazing.

Anyway, I think that’s true. Sounds good still if it isn’t but I was told it by a mate whose mate plays for Richmond. So concrete evidence in my book.

One other thing people are stumped with is starting – I’ve mentioned this before but the way you beat the inability to start is, start*.

*No matter how shit the start is. Start knowing you’ll change the start. That’s always worked for me, shit out the beginning and then you’ll start finding a path.

Anywho, if you’ve read to here – amazing. I’ve had a child which has been amazing but sleep has gone out the window – so I couldn’t even come up with much humour / add lots of wicked analogies and I just used the word ‘wicked’.

I plan on picking up on all this again, subscribe to my newsletter (below) and listen to podcast! x

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