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I definitely find myself writing this shit for myself, like my fingers typing is a therapist and I’m crying on a couch listening. Not as sad as that but not far off.

The things I write on here aren’t necessarily my sole ideas and beliefs. They are grains from articles, podcasts, sky writings, hidden messages in car license plates and words I find in my alphabet soup each night.

The thing that compels me to write them myself is for one, getting my thoughts down on paper. Sick way of getting some clarity and I do it all the time.

Whenever my brain is scrambled I get my partner into the office, clear the whiteboard and for 10-20 minutes just lay out all the projects that are going on then create an action plan for them and boom lyf gets immediately easier. Highly recommend the whiteboard clarity technic.

The second reason is, I want my friends, family and fans who can’t be fucked or don’t have time to find all this info to find out here how to be better at their job, business or life.

Sounds D&M doesn’t it. Now, I haven’t even mentioned about the title. Did I put a swear word in there to try and be tip, cool and edgy? Of course.

I’ve been putting in crazy hours for my own business for the last 12 months. What the fuck am I selling? Producing? Doing? Claiming? How do I do it? Is it worth it? Am I too old for flannelette? All of that.

I’ve been working it out and fucking it up / fucking it up and working it out. The fuck ups have hurt but they’ve been massive learnings.

Learnings that have set me back financially but with patience and experience should then put me ahead... Why?

Here’s the think about patience… It’s fucking hard to swallow. Entrepreneur Gary Vee, who is great but intense. I’d hate to be in a Villa in Bali with him for a week, I’d drown him or myself after not getting a word in for days.

He sprooks patience, ‘life is a marathon, not a race’. It’s true, true, true but fuck it’s hard. Think about the world we live in if right now, you wanted a fatogram, a pizza and a slab of froffs you could have those 3 things at your house in an hour and have yourself the perfect party.

We can get everything right now, whenever the fuck we want it. One of the only things you can’t get right now is… Experience. You can’t get a poor business decision to give you a lap dance. You can’t take a ‘budgeted that terribly’ pill and you can’t order a perfect sales pitch deck without years of trying it, fucking it then improving it.

The best way of looking at it, as boxers say, ‘you don’t lose, you learn.’ I love that in a wanky way. Of course getting the shit beaten out of you in a business sense is demoralizing, embarrassing and can make you question everything but now you have this crazy knowledge no one else who hasn’t taken the risk has!

That’s powerful AF and with an injection of patience, when that next opportunity presents itself guess who is equipped to not fuck it up and do it right? You do, fuckstick.

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