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I had a meeting in the city the other day. Yes, it makes me sound like a corporate wank and I’m okay with that.

I got an Ola in (an Uber competitor, get on it) as I was busy on another project so I skipped on public transport. 5 minutes away from the meeting, it was cancelled!!

I was infuriated. Partly because I had so much shit small talk with my driver about how Uber rips drivers off like I’m meant to care but mainly because my TIME got wasted and disrespected.

Once you create the regular thought that time is the only asset you have, you will begin living a more fulfilling life.

Bit D&M but it’s true. You also start to value your time, there are only 24 hours in a day. You’re sleeping 1/3 of them, you’re crying in the shower for 2 and debating how many coffees is too many coffees for 3, leaving only 11 hours each day...

After putting on a brave face to the driver I got out by the building and pretended like I was in the city for a fucking reason. My mission now was to eat something I couldn’t eat in my suburb and then buy something rolled in butt tons of sugar before getting a bus home like a dick.

For the next hour I was stomping around the city like a toddler on a tantrum. It was utter bullshit that someone undervalued my time as poorly as that. I parked other projects, work and time with family for this and boom - I'm now in the CBD like a husband attempting Christmas shopping, walking aimlessly and buying nothing but food.

Here’s the facts; It’s rude. It’s disrespectful. It’s arrogant. It’s not on.

I was rage angry and haven’t been rage angry since I was served a parma with the chips underneath. What is this sick trend? @Chefs, do you have no respect for crispy chips?

My friends reading this. This a recount of my emotions after someone disrespected my time.

If you disrespect someone else’s time they WILL think less of you or at least be pissed off by your arrogance. And it is arrogance.

If you’re a ‘late person’, yep same thing - friends talk about you and how bullshit it is. Why make me sit at a cafe ordering another coffee I don't need like a fuckwit because you can’t manage your time properly?

'Time' itself is climbing the ranks of the thing I think about the most. It goes;

Thinking priorities;

  1. Am I using my time wisely?

  2. Is 3 coffees too many coffees?

  3. How was Big Bang Theory no.1 show? No one I know liked it.

Speaking of using time wisely, I have no further points so I won’t waste anymore of your time!

Time is all we have use it wisely, respect yours and respect others.

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