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Do you ever do some semi-regular task around the house and remember you need to fix it / upgrade it / think of a better way of doing it...

Go ahead, complete the task only to completely fucking forget to upgrade it until the next time you do it? SAME.

Sounds confusing, here is an example; I have a baby bath and there is no hose for it so I have to put it in the shower, fill it up and lift it back onto the bath holder thingybabob.

It’s heavy and I brace myself for a back injury that will give me the shits for the rest of my life. Every. Time.

But I keep forgetting to fix it! Why? How?

Any regular readers know I’m a self confessed idiot, so it comes down to forgetfulness and priorities being focused in different areas like, watching Ricky Gervais argue with Christians which I set aside a good 40 minutes a day.

I know how important my calendar is (see article) which allows me to put on Sat morning go to bunnings and buy a hose and instead of turning it into a bong, fix your daughters bath so you don’t slip a disc.

That’s the obvious solution to the particular problem but I’ve gone a step further. That example is a pain point.

So is, the lack of light in the bedroom if I want to read / play thumb of war against myself.

So is, the multiple locations of all the seeds for my breakfast shake that would make any native bird jealous.

I put these down now as pain points that are in need of a solution. If something sucks and is caused BAU pain, it can be improved. Seems simple and almost like treating your lifestyle as a business that needs to streamline as many processes as possible to make this weird thing we call life run smoother. Deep.

So I make a note in some software called Evernote. Fuck me, I’m late to the party on this. It’s AMAZING. I use to write all my notes in my phone notes, then hope I write them in a word doc then save that in some folder I’m meant to remember…

Evernote streamlines this and has notebooks, with folders for each thought, subject or porn category to never look up again (tip: never look up anything from Albania).

It syncs with your desktop software so any notes on phone are ready to go on any device + share folders with co-workers, loved ones or unloved ones.

So here is the formula. Have some self awareness around the house, car, work or anywhere you regularly are. If anything is causing pain points note them in Evernote. THEN, put in your calendar every Saturday morning add ‘Fix A Pain Point’ for an hour or 2.

Boom. Get shit done and make life easier. Have a reading light for books/thumb of war competition, a tray for a breakfast station on your kitchen bench and a hose for the baby bath.

Not sure of pain points? Or don't want to wait until you are doing them to realise what they are? Have a ‘Pain Point’ hack day with your partner.

Every big company runs these hack days where they spend a whole day on how to make shit better. Often because the department hosting need fresh eyes on processes they’ve done forever.

Why not be dorks and run a hack day at home? Car filthy every time you both use it? Could you hack a solution where there is a bin in the car? Or have a mini bin next to car park at home/work?

Who cares if it seems bizarre, make it bizarre. But it’s productive and it could help a relationship struggling with trivial ‘housey’ issues.

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