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Our TV Show Is Back... Tonight!

Hi. It's me. Been a long time. How about that Coronavirus? Wasn't that crazy?

I don't like inboxing you too much (as you can tell... It's been like a year), but I also know how annoying shitloads of emails can be. I can't compete with your insurer telling you how they've got all their staff working from home like you're mean to care....?

We've managed to stay busy. We wrote and filmed a TV show just as shit was getting crazy. We had a 14 day shoot. On day 1 we were hugging each other and having buffet style lunches... By day 11 we weren't allowed to touch each other and lunch was pre-packaged and handed to you by someone that looked like they were cleaning up at Chernobyl.

Kinne Tonight | 9:30pm | Mondays | Channel 10

We were shut down and had to sacrifice a couple of sketches, shot some pick up bits and pieces - we had to balance some legalities with people over, filming on the street from private property haha

The on stage element we didn't have 70+ crowd, just crew! Crew to do their job and hopefully laugh as well. Thankfully it worked, we think.

So if you can tune in - it'd mean the world - Max xo

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